At Superior Culture, our variety of beverages are brewed and flavored with freshly pressed fruit & vegetable juices, organic tea & sugar,

local grains & honey, herbs & spices- always sourced as locally as possible- organic and wild when available.


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bourbon barrel aged jun

wild up honey

Jun is an ancient beverage, similar to kombucha, utilizing green tea and honey rather than black tea and cane sugar. It tends to finish with a little less acidity and a bit more alcohol than traditional kombucha (~2% abv). Raw honey is the oldest and least-processed form of sugar in the world and is rich with cultures, nutrients, and antioxidants as well as having strong hypoallergenic properties. All of our honey comes from Grand Bee's apiary out of L'Anse, MI. By drinking a product fermented with local UP honey, we get many of the benefits of this substance with less calories, as most of the sugar has been fermented. With honey sourced from the Upper Peninsula, this drink helps our bodies to become more acclimated to the region in which we live.


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