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Brewmaster Alex Rowland

Alex Rowland


HOMETOWN:Clarkston, MI

ABOUT:Alex moved to the UP in 2014, after graduating MSU with a B.S. in Biosystems Engineering. He started Superior Culture in 2016 after a long history of homebrewing, foodservice and event management. He spends his free-time skiing, climbing, biking, and groovin' to live music.

Reach out to Alex about vending coordination, collaboration requests, and general dealings with the business.

FUN FACT:Alex has been hands on with all of the construction and renovations of the 140+ year old taproom.

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Dawson McKenzie

JOB TITLE:Taproom Manager/
Event Coordinator

HOMETOWN:Marquette, MI

ABOUT: Dawson graduated with a degree in computer science at MTU, & has been a Yooper his whole life. he is a lover of the outdoors, music, and hiking while simultaneously watching birds.

Reach out to Dawson for taproom questions, booking music, art shows, and more.

FUN FACT:Dawson enjoys playing disc golf, however he is not very good at it...

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Alex Cooksey

JOB TITLE:Production/Wholesale Manager

HOMETOWN:Winston-Salem, NC

ABOUT: Alex graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in GIS. He relocated to Marquette in 2023 to surf, hike, camp, and forage the UP. He joined Superior Culture shortly after, with several years of experience in home brewing and craft fermentation.

Reach out to Alex for product questions and wholesale inquiries.

FUN FACT:Alex is an avid surfer of the Great Lakes and oceans around the world.

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