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Whats on Tap?

With ten rotating taps there is always something new to try. Conveniently located on Third St near downtown Marquette, it's easy to come say hello! ​We are a transitional taproom and tea house. Bring a jug to fill and run or hangout for a few. Bring your laptop and order a teapot or bring your friends for a round of beers. With so many alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, all ages are encouraged.

Live music is hosted Thursday through Saturday, 8-10pm, on most weekends. Contact us if you are interested in booking!

Hours of Operation (taproom open at 50% capacity)


12-6 pm


12-6 pm


12-6 pm


12-11 pm


12-11 pm


12-11 pm


12-6 pm

*Happy Hour 4 - 6pm Daily

Dollar off pints / 2 for 1 shots


Updated 4/14/21





Sun Ryez Pale Ale

ABV: 4.7%
UP malt & rye with citra & amarillo hops

Ginger Beer

ABV: 9.3%
Organic ginger, limes, & cane sugar

Pear Cider

ABV: 5.4%
Michigan pears


Pineapple Chili

Kombucha with organic pineapple & red chili peppers

Juniper Citrus

Kombucha with organic lemon, lime, juniper & ginger

Concord Grape

Kombucha with organic UP concord grapes

Orange Carrot Ginger

Kombucha with organic orange, carrot, & ginger

Blueberry Vanilla

Kombucha with wild UP blueberries & vanilla


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